De Silva Structures undertake structural engineer's reports on residential and commercial properties for prospective purchasers, often after a surveyor's report has identified structural defects. Reports are also undertaken when the client has noticed a structural problem which may manifest itself in the form of cracking or undue movement. The defects we are able to provide reports on include: subsidence, cracking, roof problems, movement, settlement, strengthening and unauthorised structural alterations.

We offer impartial professional advice to you. Work of this nature generally demands a fast turnaround and typically for a residential property we will visit it within two days and issue the report within a further two working days of this visit. The report is always carried out by a chartered structural engineer.

If defects are found, we clearly identify them and give recommendations for remedial works. If possible, we also give an indication of the cost. When purchasing the property, the client may then consider negotiating the purchase bearing in mind the conclusions and the recommendations of the report.

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out further investigations such as drains tests or trial holes in order that the cause of the movement can be established. We are able to arrange and supervise these investigations if required.

Our fees for a structural engineer's report to comment on a single aspect of a domestic property start at £200+VAT.